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The Best Strategic Gift

Over the past week change has come at me hard and fast. My normal routines are gone along with the regularity they once brought.

So I’ve found myself turning inward. Not in an excessive, touchy-feely way, but in a way that has encouraged mindfulness and meditative clarity.

Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to step back from all the doing and striving and goal-oriented behavior and am approaching things with a beginner’s mind.

Not judging or imposing my thoughts upon what I’m experiencing, but simply experiencing things as they come. It’s difficult to do, and when we’re children and everything is so bright and interesting and new, it requires no special effort to find that space. As we grow older, finding that clarity requires concentration and focus.

It’s easy to get pulled into our mind’s ongoing internal editorials, streams of consciousness of thinking and rumination that can quickly come to dominate one’s daily existence. That’s how we begin to lose touch with the reality of our situation.

Our success is often defined by our ability to act, not react. Establishing mental distance through mindfulness allows us to move beyond being a pawn on the chessboard. With focus, reflective clarity and inquiry, we become the grandmaster that sees the board of our lives from above.

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  1. Hey Kelly I’d say you’re on the right track. The question Is this the best use of my time? is a good one, and if you’ve foloewld along up till now, you’ll know I’m a big advocate of asking that. Right now, however, I’m suggesting you do something slightly different, which is to simply notice where you are, what you are doing and what is that like. In other words, become present to your moment. Don’t expect any outcome to this, Nothing will happen to you. Just get in to the habit of this and see what happens. ~pl